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Predictable is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that safetly puts your client's consolidated transactional data in your hands, improving your campaign performance thanks to the power of segmentation.

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Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vista Isometrica Software

some brands that have benefited from our alliances with media agencies

Nissan, a Predictable Partner agency customer
Nestle pantries with you, a Predictable Partner agency client
Shell, a Predictable Partner agency customer
The CCU Bar, a Predictable Partner agency client
Aconcagua, a Predictable Partner agency client

We connect you with your client's data, giving you the best audiences for your marketing campaigns

Integration of different data sources
Shopify, Vtex, Prestashop and other platforms.
Ecommerce icon as a data source for Predictable Media
physical stores
POS systems
POS icon as data source for Predictable Media
Other Data Sources
CRM, ERP and other systems
Icon Other Sources as data source for Predictable Media
Unified and Segmented Customer Data
Easily trigger and synchronize your audiences
Icon of Customer Experience in data use image
profit more from your customers
Increase average ticket and recurrence.
Marketing icon in data use
Synchronize your audiences to digital media and attract new customers (lookalike).
Product and BI icon in data use
business intelligence (BI)
Analyze and activate specific audiences.
Predictable Media CDP Integrate Single Customer View

The analysis of customer data allows us to identify different segment opportunities, which drive better conversion rates, finds quality leads, and optimizes costs.

Scheme methodology agencies

Offer a differentiating methodology

The use of your clients' transactional data will be a great differentiator for your value proposal as a media agency.

makes access easy
The platform's security and easy implementation will leave your customers with peace of mind in giving you access to all their transactional information.
Data always updated
fresh data
You will always have the most up-to-date data, to build audiences that perform at their best.
become a strategic supplier
Managing, consolidating and keeping your transactional information up to date will make you a critical supplier to your customers.
Forget the technical team
You will not need to hire BI analysts, data scientist or any other professional to manage your clients' information, just become a Predictable Partner.
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A solution with the essential features to improve your campaign results

Predictable Media CDP Audience Insights Analyze
Screenshot of Audience Insights, Software Predictable Media

Audience Insights

Understand and activate customer segments, built on transactional information, obtained directly from your client's e-commerce and/or points of sale.

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Predictable Media CDP Audience Creator Filters
Screenshot of Audience Builder, Software Predictable Media

Audience Builder

Thanks to our powerful filter creator, you can easily build and propose any audience you want, both for loyalty and for leads (lookalike) campaigns.

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Predictable Media CDP Audience Opportunity Card
Audience Opportunities Screenshot, Software Predictable Media

Audience Opportunities

Use our actionable audience recommendations to create marketing campaigns with impact.
We generate recommendations based on data models such as RFM, Lifetime Value (CLV) and Conversion Funnel, to categorize your customers' consumers automatically and efficiently.

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Predictable Media CDP Data Exports

Activate campaigns using data

Get the most out of your audiences by exporting them to the best channels for the optimal campaign results.

Controlled CSV download with prior customer approval.
We're integrated to main marketing channels.
Keep your audiences and campaigns up to date.
Enhance data obtained thanks to Predictable with third party platforms (DMP, DCO, etc).
Integrations Predictable Media Customer Data Platform
Predictable Media CDP Campaign Performance Dashboard
Campaign Performance Integrations in Predictable Media Customer Data Platform

Forget about campaign reports for your clients

Get a consolidated and automatic report, updated every hour, with our performance module and keep your client up to date on their campaigns.

Consolidate your key Facebook and Google campaign metrics
Monitor how your client's sales and number of customers increase.
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We improve your campaign performance

ecommerce pets

We increased their total sales


VS. 01/05/2019-31/05/2019

fuel retailing

We improved the conversion rate of their loyalty club card by


...and cost per conversion by: ↓74%

retail shoes

We reduced the acquisition cost by


Campaigns in the same investment period (12/05/2020-31/05/20200) with and without the use of Predictable Media audiences.

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Are you a Creative Agency? Offer a 360º service

Meet all your customers' advertising needs with a complete service.

Offers advertising investment
advertising investment
Add a new service to your value proposition, being a protagonist in every step.
Strategies with Figures Icon
number-based strategies
It presents proposals backed by business figures.
Inspire your creativity
Get to know the audiences and their commercial behaviour, thanks to the transactional information of your clients, to develop creativities that inspire and translate into sales.
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Advantages of data-driven marketing campaigns

The benefits of activating campaigns using transactional customer data are transversal to different industries.


Investment efficiency

When you activate campaigns using segmented and analyzed customer information, you allocate the right resources for each type of audience. With the same budget, you can increase conversion rates.


+Sales = +Budget

Activating audiences with your client's data will allow you to improve campaign performance. This will allow you to negotiate a larger marketing budget, generating an economic benefit for your agency.


Customer Loyalty

You can generate audiences based on customer preferences, reaching them with more relevant communications, increasing their loyalty and turning them into brand ambassadors for your clients.


Save time

Having a consolidated and analyzed database at hand saves time on management and allows you to always act on the latest information, implementing it quickly and easily.


Facilitates creativity

Knowledge of the audience to be impacted provides additional information to generate content, create graphic pieces and select the best channel.


Granular results

The use of audiences allows for focused and individual result analysis, facilitating concrete decisions for each objective, rather than general decisions.

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