Audience Insights

Questions about the Audience Insights module

What is the difference between the RFM in Audience Insights and Audience Creator?

Audience Insights has already generated audiences based on the RFM model, which you can always analyze and act on quickly.

Audience Creator instead makes this same categorization available as a filter, allowing you to add more dimensions to generate new audiences. In this way, I can create cross-over audiences like my "Champion Women", or "Barcelona Sleepers".

What is the purpose of the Integration filter in Audience Insights?

When you have two or more integrated data sources, the Integrations filter allows for consolidated or separate use of this.

As an example: If I have integrated my physical stores and my ecommerce, and filter by Ecommerce, all my audiences consider only this as a source of data. Thus, my "Best Customers" are really "Best Ecommerce Customers", allowing me to approach them with differentiated strategies.

In addition to this, a last alternative appears, which is consolidated. This takes into account all integrations, and generates calculations based on the complete consolidated universe.