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Predictable, is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that systematizes and consolidates your customer information, to segment them, attract new users and generate personalized relationships at scale, through digital media.

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Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Vista Isometrica Software
Mitsubishi, a customer Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software
Plan Vital, a client Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software
Parque Arauco, a client Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software
Saesa Group, a client Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software
Nissan, a customer Predictable Media Customer Data Platform (CDP) Software

We connect your customer data from the physical world and online, to place the customer at the center of your business

Boost your business with a consolidated and updated information infrastructure of your customers.

Integration of different data sources
Shopify, Vtex, Prestashop and other platforms.
Ecommerce icon as a data source for Predictable Media
physical stores
POS systems
POS icon as data source for Predictable Media
Other Data Sources
CRM, ERP and other systems
Icon Other Sources as data source for Predictable Media
Unified and Segmented Customer Data
Easily trigger and synchronize your audiences
Icon of Customer Experience in data use image
profit more from your customers
Increase average ticket and recurrence.
Marketing icon in data use
Synchronize your audiences to digital media and attract new customers (lookalike).
Product and BI icon in data use
business intelligence (BI)
Analyze and activate specific audiences.
Predictable Media CDP Integrate Single Customer View

We know that the customer must be at the heart of any business

But we also know that it is a challenge to give access and visibility of the data to the different areas, so they can know and have a 1:1 relationship with each of your customers. Customer data becomes a fundamental asset to develop a personalized experience, depending on the state it is in, in your conversion funnel.


  • 360º view of customer behaviour, interests and preferences
  • Identify customer profiles according to their purchasing behaviour
  • Create agile of audiences according to marketing strategies
  • Optimize budget and improve indicators


  • Broad and concrete views of different points of purchase
  • Integral understanding of customer purchasing behaviour
  • Increase sales, through cross-selling and up-selling strategies
  • Decrease customer churn

Customer experience

  • Integral understanding of customers through enriched data
  • Understand customer purchase patters and satisfaction with a brand
  • Gives transparency and customer visibility throughout the company, improving customer experience at every touchpoint


  • Democratizes access of data throughout the company, allowing teams to make agile and assertive decisions.
  • Increase operational efficiency, allowing any area to access the data to meet the specific needs of each for the customer.
Predictable Media CDP Integrate Single Customer View

All your customer information in one place

single profile
Each customer has a unique ID, consolidating online and offline behavior.
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Connect your e-commerce, physical stores (POS) and other data sources.
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Integration of data sources into a single customer profile, Software Predictable Media

A solution with the essential functionalities for a more effective marketing

Predictable Media CDP Audience Insights Analyze
Screenshot of Audience Insights, Software Predictable Media

Audience Insights

Understand and activate customer segments built on transactional data obtained from your e-commerce and/or points of sale.

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Predictable Media CDP Audience Creator Filters
Screenshot of Audience Builder, Software Predictable Media

Audience Builder

Have all your customer information up to date and at hand thanks to our powerful filter creator, allowing you to easily build and share any audience you want.

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Predictable Media CDP Audience Opportunity Card
Audience Opportunities Screenshot, Software Predictable Media

Audience Opportunities

Use our actionable audience recommendations to create marketing campaigns with impact.
We generate recommendations based on data models such as RFM, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Conversion Funnel, to categorize your customers automatically and efficiently.

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Predictable Media CDP Data Exports

Activate your Data

Get the most out of your audiences by exporting them to the best digital channels to effectively reach your customers.

Controlled CSV download for any use you want.
We're integrated to main marketing channels.
Keep your audiences up to date.
Integrations Predictable Media Customer Data Platform
Predictable Media CDP Campaign Performance Dashboard
Campaign Performance Integrations in Predictable Media Customer Data Platform

Monitor your campaigns

Evaluate how your marketing actions are performing in a live and updated dashboard.

Consolidate your key Facebook and Google campaign metrics
Monitor how revenue and customers increase over time.
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We achieve results with impact

ecommerce pets

We increased their total sales


VS. 01/05/2019-31/05/2019

fuel retailing

We improved the conversion rate of their loyalty club card by


...and cost per conversion by: ↓74%

retail shoes

We reduced the acquisition cost by


Campaigns in the same investment period (12/05/2020-31/05/20200) with and without the use of Predictable Media audiences.

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Our 4 safety principles

Data is at the core of our business, so data security and compliance are our first priority.


Our infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services has the highest security standards in the market, plus world-class service availability.


Data Encryption

All your data, in motion and at rest, is encrypted.



Automated data processing that reduces human access to a minimum.



Company in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification and validated as GDPR first by Kemp Little.

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